PP/PE/PS/EVA/EVOH Multi-layer barrier Sheet Extrusion Line

PP/PS sheet extrusion line made by CHAMPION MACHINERY can continuously make single layer sheet or multi-layers sheet. First-class control, simple operation system, better price.

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Main Technical Parameters

Extruder type

Single screw co-extruders

Sheet width


Sheet thickness




Detailed Descriptions

Extruder system

  • PP/PS/EVA/EVOH multi-layer barrier sheet extrusion line, the extrusion system consists of three or four extruders. For special barrier performance, equip the hot film lamination unit or special small extruder for EVOH material. The barrier sheet layer can be achieved by laminating.
  • The screw and barrel material are made of 38CrMOAIA nitride steel. Not only for virgin material, also can be used calcium powder additives while producing the PP or PS sheet product.
  • Two types of extruders for PP and PS, highly efficient single screw extruder and new model twin screw extruder. The capacity of PP transparent sheet extruded by highly efficient single screw extruder can reach up 1500kg/h.
  • The correct lengths of extruder for different material, ensure the complete line pressure is stable.

Auxiliary equipment
The auxiliary equipment of sheet extruder machine is mainly composed of screen changer, melt pump, die mold, three-roller forming calender, sheet cooling system, silicone coating system, cutting machine and winder, etc. Different application, auxiliary equipment is different.


  • Equip the automatic winding system for bigger capacity sheet extruder machine. The sheet thickness from 0.05mm to 3mm and the sheet width from 600mm to 3000mm for auto winder is no problem.
  • Independent R & D design, equipped with first-class SIEMENS control system, accurate, sensitive and stable. Suitable for 3 inches and 6 inches air shaft. Can wind two rolls and three rolls on one shaft, with high efficiency.


Control System

  • Intelligence, simpleness, stability, efficiency. Adopt SIEMENS S7-1500 controlling system, equipped with SIEMENS frequency, SIEMENS servo for drive part. Through the PROFINET network link, the controlling system is more credible, stable and efficient.
  • The unique function of “key to acceleration” can realize low speed adjustment, high speed production without fluctuation, greatly reduces the waste of raw materials during machine adjusting.
  • Remote fault diagnosis and remote maintenance can be realized through ethernet links.
Multi-layer barrier Sheet Extrusion Line

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