PP/PE Thick Board Extrusion Line

High quality HDPE/PP thick sheet production machine, customized by CHAMPION PLASTIC MACHINERY CO in China. Single screw extruder machine and twin screw extruder machine. 3-30mm thickness range of HDPE/PP plate.

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Main Technical Parameters

Extruder model type

Single screw extruder, Twin screw extruder



Plate width


Plate thickness


Output capacity


Detailed Description

Application of PP/PE sheet

  • PP board: Widely used in chemical industry, food industry, anticorrosive industry, purification industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, etc.
  • PE board: Widely used in chemical industry, electric power and other industries. HDPE board can also be used in machinery and chemical equipment as engineering plastics.
PP PE thick board
PP thick board
PE board

Extrusion system of PP/PE thick sheet extrusion line

  • Double extruder structural schemes are put forward: single screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder.
  • Special structure design of screw for PP/PE material. 100% recycled material possible.
  • Whole-zone temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring.
  • Automatic material feeding system.

Calender of thick sheet extrusion line

  • Vertical structure of forming calender.
  • SIEMENS servo driver for three rollers.
  • Equip the safety device.

Precision plate cutting

  • Length control. Automatic control.
  • No burrs. Safe and easy to operation.

The layout of PP PE thick bozrd extrusion line

The layout of PP PE thick board extrusion line

Control System

  • PLC control for complete line.
  • SIEMENS inverter, servo controlling for the sheet extrusion line.
  • Centralized control, all parameters we can check by HMI, such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc.

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