PMMA/GPPS Optical Sheet Extrusion Line

CHAMPION MACHINERY supply high quality PMMA/GPPS plastic sheet & plate extrusion line for LED light. Turnkey project for customers. Technology process, equipment operation training, efficient service, get the biggest support from CHAMPION manufacturer.

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Main Technical Parameters

Extruder type

Highly efficient single screw extruder

Sheet width

1220mm, 1660mm

Sheet thickness

0.6-2.8mm, 1-3mm

Output capacity



The main process of acrylic sheet and GPPS sheet are optical plating and laser cutting.
Widely used for plastic mirror (real mirror, color mirror), light panel (light box, flat panel display lamp of LED, poster stand), LCD panel (the display of computer and television).

Diffusion plate is applicable to direct type and side type light source LED lighting.
Direct type light source led light, such as downlights, grille lights, high grade aluminum lights.
Side type light source led light, such as flat panel lights, advertising light boxes, professional film viewer, usually used with light guide panel.

Diffusion plate of PC
Optical sheet extrusion product
Optical plate
PC light diffusion plate

Detailed Specifications

Production process of GPPS/PMMA sheet extrusion line
Exhaust single screw extrusion---hydraulic screen changer---melt pump---T-type hanger Die mold out---three-roller calender forming---edge cutting and natural cooling---double working station protective film lamination for sheet surface---take off---horizontal cutting device---auto manipulator for sheet stacking or belt conveying manual stacking

Plastic sheet extruder

  • CHAMPION brand single screw extruder, processed according to complete production process to ensure the performance of the equipment.
  • Using special vacuum system for single screw extruder, to ensure the moisture degassing in the material and the sheet will not have black spots and yellowing.
  • L/D is 35.

Precision plate cutting

  • Servo length control. Automatic control.
  • No burrs. Safe and easy to operation.


  • Control by PLC.
  • Randomly set pile number, automatic count, automatic reposition, with high automatization.

Packaging and Shipping

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