Plastic Sheet Winder Manual Work Winder

Different sheet product application, need to match the special winding system. Champion makes the best quality winder for plastic sheet extrusion machine. Widely used for PET, PLA, PP, PS, ABS, PE, PVC, EVA, PC sheet, etc.

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Heavy Weight Jumbo Roll Winder

Used for large diameter of each roll, such as Φ1200mm/Φ1300mm/Φ1500mm diameter roll. This heavy winder consists of four parts: portal frame for winder supporting, auxiliary take-off unit, single-working station winder, electric hoist.

Plastic sheet width

Min.700mm, customized

Diameter of sheet roll

Min.1000mm, customized

Take-off unit roller

One rubber roller and one steel roller

Motor of take-off unit

SIEMENS servo motor

Motor of winder

SIEMENS servo motor

Quantity of winder

At least 2 units single-working station winder



图片1-Heavy weight jumbo roll winder

Cantilever Type Winding System

Special design for PET seeding tray sheet extrusion line. Small capacity, easy to exchange, strong winder.
Consists of two parts: transmission frame, double-working station cantilever winder.
图片2-Cantilever type winder

Transmission roller

Aluminum roller

Air shaft

3 inches air shaft

Diameter of roll


Winder working station

Six-working station or eight-working station

Motor of winder

SIEMENS servo motor



Manual Work Winder

Double Working Station/Three Working Station/Four Working Station Winder


Plastic sheet roll winding

Structure of winder

Tilting type

Air shaft

3 inches & 6 inches

Diameter of roll

Min. 800mm, customized

Sheet width

Min. 700mm, customized

Motor of winder

SIEMENS servo motor



图片3-Double working station winder
Cantilever type winder

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