PET sheet extrusion line for agricultural seeding tray

CHAMPION MACHINERY special highly efficient parallel twin screw extruder for seeding tray. The customized sheet extrusion line. Here we will show you the special PET sheet extrusion line for agricultural seeding tray sheet.

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Main Technical Parameters

Extruder structure

Special twin screw extruder


PET flakes, crushed BOPET film, Mixed PET material

Sheet structure

Single layer sheet





Output capacity


Detailed Descriptions

Free crystallizer & dehumidifier, special extruder for seeding tray sheet, high output capacity, high-end SIEMENS operating system and PLC control system.

  • Independent R & D twin screw extruder, screw barrel and screw elements. The special structure design and screw elements for PET agriculture sheet.
  • Super strength screw and barrel, suitable for many different waste materials. The unique structure of screw element ensures the toughness of the sheet, better plasticizing and dispersity of material, and makes the uniformity of the sheet is better.
  • Super screw feeding system, ensures the material ( heavy grinder material and light grinder material) feeding smoothly.
  • Powerful vacuum system, working with natural exhaust zone together. Not only exhaust the moisture of material in the extruder, but also remove the impurities of material.
  • No crystallizer and dehumidifier for parallel twin screw extruder, will save more power.
  • Screen changer: Piston filters with large filtration area, extends the time of changing filter screen, reduces the number of screen filters changing.
  • Winding: Cantilever type winder and tilting type winder--special customized winder for special usage.


The PET agriculture sheet is used for seeding tray.


Control System

  • SIEMENS control system, equipped with SIEMENS frequency, SIEMENS servo for drive part. Intelligence, simpleness, stability, efficiency.
  • The 100M/s high-speed network transmission reduces the transmission errors between the control system and driver, and makes the machine more efficient.
  • Centralized control, browse all parameters of all parts in one screen, such as current, pressure, speed, temperature, etc. Makes the operation easier.
  • The unique function of “key to acceleration” can realize low speed adjustment, high speed production without fluctuation, greatly reduces the waste of raw materials during machine adjusting.

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