PET Flat Pasting Film Extrusion Line

CHAMPION MACHINERY special parallel twin screw extruder for PET sheet extrusion machine. The single layer sheet and multi-layers sheet, transparent sheet and color sheet. Customized extruder machine. Here we will show you the PET extruder machine for flat pasting film product.

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Features And Application

PET flat pasting film, is made of PET material. It's a safe and environmentally friendly new decorative material. Has a stable performance, no cracking in the processing, the edge will never crack in sealing, good wear resistance, not easy to scratch.

Toxic and harmful gases won't be volatilized during use.

PET flat pasting film, with bright color, very little color variation, and no color fading. Whether used alone or together with other material, PET flat pasting film can make you feel a harmonious and unified home environment.

Widely used in building glass, shower room, furniture, wardrobe, decorative veneers, etc.

PET flat pasting film is easy to clean, will not have static electricity and dust on the surface when wipe it.

Main Technical Parameters

Extruder structure

Free crystallizer twin screw extruder



Sheet structure

Single layer sheet





Output capacity


Detailed Descriptions

PET Non-crystallization parallel twin screw extrusion system
Free crystallizer & dehumidifier, global-class SIEMENS operating system and PLC control, automatic plastic PET film extrusion machine.

  • High efficiency extrusion, double venting system, no need dehumidifier and crystallizer, save the power.
  • Powerful vacuum system for extruder, produce the better-quality sheet.
  • Melt pump, screen changer, die mould
  • The high-precision steel roller and rubber roller for the film forming. Drove by servo motor, more stable.
  • Auto winding system, ensures the safety of production at high speed. Auto film cutting, auto film loading, auto air shaft changing.
  • SIEMENS control system, network transmission, remote support from anywhere.
  • Centralized control, browse all parameters of all parts in one screen, such as current, pressure, speed, temperature, etc. Makes the operation easier.

Control System

CHAMPION MACHINERY is the first to research and develop the twin screw extruder for PET sheet extrusion line in China. Over 800 PET sheet twin screw extrusion machines have been stable production.

Our technology innovation: "Core homemade, continuous research and development".

The world-class controlling system—SIEMENS control. High-end series CPU. The frequency, servo control for the complete line.

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