PC/PP/PE Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line

350-600kg/h PC/PP hollow profile sheet extrusion machine for different hollow structure plate. Champion Machinery supply the width 1220mm-2100mm hollow sheet machine. Plastic sheet extrusion machine manufacturer in China.

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Main Technical Parameters

Sheet structure

Hollow profile sheet

Sheet layer

UV layer + hollow sheet body

Sheet width

1220mm, 1300mm, 2100mm

Output capacity


Detailed Descriptions

Feeding system

  • Auto feeding system of hollow sheet extrusion line, special designed for virgin material and recycled material.
  • With alarm device, ensure the continuous supply of raw material.

Single screw extruder

  • Different model size extruder, the output capacity from 300kg/h to 600kg/h.
  • Better plasticization.
  • With exhaust system for extruder. Exhausting the moisture and impurities of material in extruder.


  • High quality Die steel for mold.
  • Easy mould adjustment.

Calibration table

  • Vacuum calibration table, SIEMENS inverter control.
  • Independent structure type temperature control.

Double haul-off device

  • 1# haul-off unit with 6 pairs roll.
  • 2# haul-off unit with 2 pairs roll.
  • SIEMENS servo motor control.

Cutting machine

  • Chipless horizontal cutting machine.
  • Precious length control.


PC hollow sheet(PC sun board):
Used for general office, hall, shopping malls, sports venues, the daylighting roof of the public facilities, railway stations, parking lot, a pavilion, the canopy of corridor lounge, agricultural cultivation, vegetable greenhouse, public facilities swimming pool awning, family shower room, highway and city highway noise barriers, etc.

PC hollow sheet
PC hollow sheet 2
Hollow sheet

PP/PE hollow sheet:
With good environmental performance and secondary processing performance. Can be processed into turnover box, packaging boxes, etc.

Light weight, high strength, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, can replace cartons as packing boxes.

Control System

  • PLC control for complete line.
  • Adopt one screen operation structure, easier and safe.
  • The humanization design style makes the operation simpler and maintenance more convenient.
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