PC/PMMA/PS/MS Solid Sheet Extrusion Line

CHAMPION MACHINERY supply high quality PC/PMMA/PS/MS plastic sheet & plate extrusion line. Turnkey project for customers. Technology process, equipment operation training, efficient service, get the biggest support from CHAMPION manufacturer.

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Main Technical Parameters

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Detailed Descriptions

Product feature and application
Good transparency, aging resistance, impact resistance and flame retardancy. The stable physical properties, light weight makes the moving and installing easier. Can be bended directly. With good performance of hot forming. Sound insulation resistance. Widely used in lighting part of the construction industry and the rain tent, auto spare parts. And all kinds of light industry, culture, education and daily necessities.

PC plate: Widely used in gardens, recreational places singular gallery pavilion decoration and resting places. The motorbike windshield, police shield. A telephone booth, advertising signpost, the advertisement of the lamp houses and the expressway. Sound insulation resistance, suitable for highway and city highway noise barriers.

PMMA acrylic sheet: The transmittance of visible light reaches 92%, can be used for the light panel.


The main process of acrylic sheet and GPPS sheet are optical plating and laser cutting.
Widely used for plastic mirror (real mirror, color mirror), light panel (light box, flat panel display lamp of LED, poster stand), LCD panel (the display of computer and television).

Diffusion plate is applicable to direct type and side type light source LED lighting.
Direct type light source led light, such as downlights, grille lights, high grade aluminum lights.
Side type light source led light, such as flat panel lights, advertising light boxes, professional film viewer, usually used with light guide panel.

Diamond plate
Highly transparent plate of PMMA
PC transparent sheet
Acrylic sheet product
Color PMMA PC plate

Sheet extruder

  • The intelligence and degree of automation of transparent/clear sheet extrusion machine, are in the front of industry.
  • CHAMPION brand highly efficiency single screw extruder and unique twin-screw extruder, equipped with word-class brand SIEMENS and technology, provide customers multiple solutions.
  • Save energy. No drying of resin due to the use of efficiently working vented extruders.
  • Material alarm device. When material is low level, the alarm device will alarm to remind.

Auxiliary equipment

  • The auxiliary part of the solid sheet extrusion line: screen changer, melt pump, T-die, calender unit, natural cooling, edge cutting, protective film lamination device and cutting machine.
  • Three calender roller: hard alloy steel roller, SIEMENS servo motor driver. Spiral flow channel of roller, fast flow of water.
  • According to the product feature choose your cutting machine.

Control System

  • PLC control for complete clear sheet/board extrusion line.
  • Adopt SIEMENS servo controlling system and ethernet transmission technology to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high security.
  • Complete after-service system, from machine installation and testing to the production of high-quality sheet, and provide lifelong technical support.

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