New Design of Champion Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

Champion Plastic Machinery is the professional supplier of plastic sheet extrusion line, has been focusing on the production research of plastic sheet equipment since establishment. Especially PET/PLA sheet extrusion line , which has become the advantage of Champion products.

Champion plastic machinery constantly research and development innovation, with better quality products and service for customers to develop broader market.



New design of twin screw extruder, different structure of screw elements permutation, makes more strong screw and bigger capacity, lower power consumption.

Integral extruder platform, more stable. Hidden vacuum tube and hydraulic station for screen changer, safe, clean and tidy.

Stiffened square pipe for supporting frame, to ensure the stability of the machine in running.


Control System:

PLC control. Complete SIEMENS control for plastic sheet extrusion line, including inverter, gearbox, servo motor, servo control, proportion valve, etc.

Remote control. Remote fault diagnosis and remote maintenance can be realized through ethernet links. Equipped with wired ports. WIFI is OK.

Centralized control. You can browse all information of all parts in one screen, such as current, pressure, speed, temperature, vacuum pressure, etc.


Champion promises that we will provide the best quality equipment, excellent after-service, technique process supporting. We would like to share with you more detailed information about our machine.

Post time: Feb-15-2022