Highly Capacity PP Thermoforming Sheet Extrusion Line

The special single screw extruder for PP sheet production, model size CHD1300 type and model size CHD1600 type single screw extruder.

Champion with new technology to create highly capacity extrusion equipment, affordable and output as a whole, with the best price to achieve the maximum benefit.

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PP sheet, including transparent sheet, color sheet and crossed-color sheet, widely used for transparent cups, food container, fresh food boxes, etc.

PP cups
PP different color sheet
PP Tthermoforming cups


Extruder type

Single screw extruder



Sheet structure

One layer sheet





Output capacity


Detailed Descriptions

●Single screw extruder of PP sheet extrusion machine is the main model in the market. For PP material, use non-venting single screw extruder.

●Independent R&D high efficiency huge size single screw extruder, temperature control of extruder is stable.

●Not only single screw extruder, twin screw extruder also can be used for PP sheet production.

●The extruder, screen changer, melt pump, forms a set of closed-loop control.

●Hanger flow channel and T-Die.

●The high-precision three roller calender forming system, equipped with SIEMENS servo control, SIEMENS gearbox, hydraulic adjusting, more accuracy, more stable.

●Tolerance of temperature for roller is ±1. Temperature controlled by PLC, temperature control automatically, water flow control automatically.


●The screen panel installed on the calender unit, operate the sheet machine by only one HMI.

●Single working station heavy roll winder, double working station manual winder, three working station manual winder and auto winder can be used for different application.

●Winding system is SIEMENS system, PLC controlling.

●Sheet length can be set.


●PLC control.

●A key to accelerate: through the button in screen panel, speed up the line speed very easily.

●Electric cabinet: it completely uses high class and qualified accessories. Its vertical type of design structure is good for heat dissipation.

●Remote control and remote fault diagnosis, makes debugging easier and maintenance more convenient.

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