The equipment questions, solutions here.

1.Do I need to pre-dry the material for PET sheet extrusion line?

Normally no need pre-drying. The special twin screw extruder of CHAMPION, equipped with the unique vacuum system. Not only exhausting the moisture of material in extruder, but also exhausting the impurities in material. But if have too much recycling material, please use the ordinary drying mixer for better sheet quality.

2.What’s PLA?

PLA (polylactic acid) is renewable biodegradable material. Which is made of starch raw material extracted by renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.), and the production process is pollution-free. Now the PLA sheet has been widely used in some food packages.

3.How to express your requirements clearly?

Please tell your basic parameters of final sheet product, for example, width, thickness, capacity, detailed product application and material usage condition, to us. We will give you some suggestion.

4.Does the plastic extruder handle any material?

No. The design of the extruder is based on different resin material, and the characteristics of each material are different. Special material, special machine.

5.Why is there black spot on the surface of transparent sheet?

Please check the material, there may be impurities in the raw material. Or there may be impurities in extruder.

6.Why is the capacity of machine so different?

First, the thickness range of sheet is very different. If you want to same capacity at different sheet thickness, the speed span will be very large. But it’s not feasible from an electrical point of view. If the thickness is very thin and want big capacity, you must choose the special machine for thin product. Special machine special use.