APET/PET thermoforming sheet extrusion line

CHAMPION MACHINERY highly efficient parallel twin screw extruder for single layer sheet and co-extrusion extruders for multi-layer sheet. Different PET sheet extrusion production line can be customized according to customer requirements. Here we will show you the special PET sheet extrusion line for food packages sheet/thermoforming sheet production.

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Main Technical Parameters

Extruder structure

Free crystallizer twin screw extruder and single screw co-extrusion


APET, Mixed PET material

Sheet structure

Single layer sheet, 2 or 3 layers sheet





Output capacity


Features And Application

PET Non-crystallization parallel twin screw extrusion system
Free crystallizer & dehumidifier, high output capacity, global-class SIEMENS operating system and PLC control system, automatic plastic PET sheet extrusion machine.



  • Independent R & D extruder, consist screw barrel and screw elements. The screw elements can be changed according to different material condition. APET, PETG, RPET, CPET, all different PET material can be used, even the mixed PET material. The special feeding unit makes 100% bottle flakes material possible and ensure the output capacity.
  • Equipped with powerful vacuum system, working with natural exhaust zone together. Not only exhaust the moisture of material in the extruder, but also remove the impurities of material.
  • The high-quality sheet, with good performance, high toughness, no rippling, no spot. With good tensile property even thermoforming the deep cup.
  • The silicone coating unit or professional coating machine can be chosen for food sheet and electric sheet.

Three roller calender

  • High-precision roller, mirror surface, ensure the smooth sheet surface.
  • Big size water tube makes the water flow faster from left to right. To ensure the cooling effect of roller.
  • SIEMENS servo motor and SIEMENS servo control system, more credible, stable and efficient.
  • The unique function of “key to acceleration” can realize low speed adjustment, high speed production without fluctuation, greatly reduces the waste of raw materials during machine adjusting.

Winding system

  • Have two types of winding systems, one is common manual work winder, another one is complete automatic winding system.
  • The winder equipped with SIEMENS servo motor.
  • The automatic winding system, auto sheet cutting, auto sheet loading. Two rolls winding by same air shaft possible.
  • 3 inches and 6 inches air shaft using is possible by same auto winder, and change the cutting knives automatically.


Widely used in food container, fruit packaging, electronics packaging, seeding trays, face shield, furniture, and other thermoforming product. Also can be used for roofing sheet. But the food related sheet making and electronic sheet cannot be produced by same machine.


Control System

  • Intelligence, simpleness, stability, efficiency. Adopt SIEMENS S7-1500 controlling system, equipped with SIEMENS frequency, SIEMENS servo for drive part. Through the Profinet network link control.
  • The 100M/s high-speed network transmission.
  • Centralized control, browse all parameters of all parts in one screen, such as current, pressure, speed, temperature, etc.
  • Only one HMI screen for the complete sheet making machine, makes the operation easier.


1.How to express your requirements clearly?
Please tell your basic parameters of final sheet product, for example, width, thickness, capacity, detailed application and material usage condition, to us.

2.Do I need to pre-dry the material for PET sheet extrusion line?
Normally no need pre-drying. But if use more recycling material, please use the ordinary drying mixer.

3.Can I produce the color sheet by this PET sheet extrusion machine?
Color sheet making is ok. But one extruder machine only makes one color sheet, double extruders can make two-colors sheet.

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