ABS/HIPS sheet extrusion line

CHAMPION MACHINERY offers high-quality twin screw extrusion machine and single screw extrusion machine for ABS sheet. The high-quality sheet making machine is here.

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Main Technical Parameters

Extruder structure

Single screw extruder/twin screw extruder


ABS raw material & regular recycling material

Sheet width


Sheet thickness





ABS single layer sheet and multi-layers sheet, has such characteristics as high impact-resistance, high heat-resistance, good toughness, high surface roughness, easy to thermoform, etc. Widely used in machinery, electrical, packaging, medical treatment, carriage, toy, automotive trim, refrigerator plate, etc.

ABS electric tray
ABS sheet extruder for electric sheet
ABS refrigerator  plate board
ABS thermoforming sheet

Detailed Descriptions

Extrusion system

  • CHAMPION makes the customized extruder machine according to product requirements, such as single layer ABS sheet extrusion line, multi-layers ABS sheet extrusion line.
  • Main extruder has two different types. One is single screw extruder, another one is twin screw extruder.
  • Independent R&D twin screw extruder, design the structure of screw based on different material. With better plasticizing, more uniform color sheet, stable extrusion, bigger capacity. Special vacuum system for twin screw, with better exhausting effects.

The thin sheet and thick plate

  • In terms of the differences between sheet and board, the structure of whole line is different.
  • Choose to use the auto winder in sheet line. Reduce the waste caused by manual work, and reduce the labor cost, improve the efficiency, more safety.
  • The thin sheet of ABS sheet, it’s mainly used in electric packaging boxes.
  • The thick plate of ABS sheet, it’s widely applied in the field of refrigerator, the roof of cars/buses, suitcase, etc.
  • More product of ABS plate/board, please check the equipment information of ABS/PMMA/TPO/EVA board extrusion line.

Control system

  • The complete line is controlled by PLC.
  • Adopt SIEMENS frequency / servo controlling system and ethernet transmission technology to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high security.
  • HMI centralized control. Through centralized control, you can browse all information of all parts in one screen, such as current, pressure, speed, temperature, vacuum pressure, etc. It makes the operation easier.

Packaging and Shipping

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